The Story

Aude grew up with 2 brothers and a sister in the south of in France, Arcachon, a place where tumultuous ocean waters meet the calmer waters. Her mother and grandmother would take them to the ocean and nature as much as possible. The ocean, the sand, the forest are important places of her childhood, a synonym for freedom.

Her older sister Claire is an artist in Paris, Pierre is a ski teacher and sailor, Laurent the youngest brother  lives in La Reunion and works as a landscape architect. The grandmother (father side) drew portraits and aquarelles about people lifes, she could tell our future in paintings. The other grandmother was raised in a chocolate factory in Voiron, Alps, in France and Aude has strong memories av chocolate scents. At the age of 90, the grandmother is still making chocolate collection for the family each Christmas!!

In 2000, Aude was certified Speech Therapist from the medical school of Paris. She worked in the Rivieran and the Alps for a few years and left for Sweden to follow the love of her life. She married a swedish man and worked as a logoped (speech therapist) in Stockholm for a few years, taking this opportunity to deepen her knowledge about communication and language. Following her husband she left Sweden for France 2 years followed by 3 years in England where Aude started to learn about the Art of Perfumery. Since then she has worked with perfumes as a medium for emotions and connection. Her approach of perfume making is very unique and marked by her deep understanding of people needs of social communication and emotional interaction.

Aude is a multi-faceted free artist and adventurer : creating her own hand made perfumes, travelling and connecting with people, practicing yoga to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

ASKLÖV the brand is a recollection of Aude lifestyle.

In spring 2016, the brand was launched, a lifestyle influencer.