Design your scented dreams

create your fragrance

Handcrafted by you

Be transported to distant shore, a moment in time, a memory, with the expertise of fragrance expert Aude Asklöv. Discover the various raw materials from natural and synthetic origin, with the guidance of the artist perfumer. 

"Wearing a perfume is a very intimate relation to yourself and your environment, let your identity speak ".

Create your own fragrance, design your fragrance dream!

Perfumes are a medium to travel and connect with memories and people. Be inspired by the creator behind the brand, an adventurer and life lover. 

Inspired by the Swedish nature and way of life, using her french influences from the wine and chocolate making, Aude Asklöv is a perfume influencer.

A unique experience

This workshop is an introduction to the world of fragrance making. An artistic experience.

Each participant will learn about the sense of smell, and some keys of perfume composition. We will explore a selection of raw materials and you will create your own unique fragrance. You will learn  how to create harmonious accords using a palette of materials including natural essential oils and synthetics molecules. We will talk about  the various fragrance families and the ideal fragrance construction (using top, middle and base notes). You will get the personal attention of a perfume expert through your creation process.

This is a unique and creative activity for team-bonding and bridal shower or a personal experience.

Price 1500 SEK is per person (excl. lunch), access to a unique bank of raw materials + a 7,5ml bottle perfume with your unique creation. 

Start 11.00 -12.30 (discovery of the perfume construction and raw materials)

Lunch 12.30 (the participants organise themselves a lunch in the area)

Afternoon 13.30-15.00 (creation)

Look at the section “Book your workshop” for date options or email me at for booking.