Whilst searching for a new lifestyle with more meaning, french/swedish speech therapist Aude ASKLÖV turned her hands to perfumery after years of language expertise.

Aude finds inspiration in everything that brings her  joy : people, fashion, art, music, nature. A perfume borns of an emotion, a story wants to be told, the perfume becomes the medium for its expression.

Aude ASKLÖV is a traveller and explorator, an adventurer. She travels the world to study the source of the raw materials and select the best quality.

Relaxed yet sophisticated, elegant but easy to wear, ASKLÖV perfumes are the mix of Aude's french and swedish influences.


Moss, rain, flowers.
Scent was an integral part of my childhood.

The humidity of the earth, the salt of the sea.
Each smell brings back a distinct memory.

The dust from an old house untouched for years, grease from a
sheep’s wool. 

Odour means something exists and lives, it is an identity, it is a mark to keep track.

Hot sand and cold stone, wood and dust, skin and sweat.
Good and bad, natural odours make me feel alive.

ASKLÖV's perfume line is a result from an original artistic process.



Inspired by the Swedish nature and way of life, using her french influences from the wine making and chocolate making, Aude Asklöv tells stories with perfumes from beautiful natural ingredients : flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds or peels.

Using essential oils, absolutes, concretes, or butter, Aude is travelling the world to find the best raw materials for her own unique creations.

A PERFUME LINE : When art meet perfumery. Reworking classic perfumes.

Aude ASKLÖV's vision is to transform high quality raw materials into unique perfumes.